Rules and Safety

Alt Code of Conduct

These rules and precautions are for player safety and enjoyment.
Rule 1: No Physical Contact
Laser tag is a non-contact sport. This means there should be no direct physical contact between you and any other player. Violence of any kind will not be tolerated.

Rule 2: No Climbing Arena Barricades
The design of our arena obstacles is to provide players places to hide and shield themselves from enemy shots. They will not support any amount of body weight. Climbing will result in injury.

Rule 3: No Running
Arena lights are dimmed/darkened during play; therefore, fast running will result in collisions, causing harm to players and equipment. We ask that players SLOW DOWN in the arena and focus on the mission objective. Speed does not equal success.

Rule 4: No Cheating
There will be no tolerance for cheating of any kind, such as covering or removing sensors. An ALT Staff Member will disqualify from the ongoing game or ask you to leave the arena if they catch you cheating.

Rule 5: Our ALT Staff Are In Charge
Our ALT Staff Members act as referees during gameplay, their rulings are final. Please respect this and their instructions when in the arena. Excessive arguing with ALT Staff will waste your playtime.

Rule 6: Play as a Team
Some games can be individually competitive, but in many of the games, you must consider the success of the team first.  Scoring is always considered Team 1st, Player 2nd.

Rule 7: No Inappropriate Behaviour
There is no tolerance for bad sportsmanship like behavior (disrespect to players, staff or property, bad language, threats, abuse, use of an outside weapon, etc.) at Action Laser Tag. If you can not respect everyone around you, we ask that you do not participate.

Rule 8: Have Fun
Laser tag is about exercising your body and your brain. If you’re not having fun, please ask an ALT Staff Member for some helpful tips and tricks to improve your game.

If you have any concerns or issues about our rules and precautions, please do not hesitate to ask an ALT Staff Member for clarification. 

Arena Safety

All participants and equipment must remain within the designated boundaries of the arena during gameplay unless otherwise directed.

No Drugs and Alcohol
There will be no tolerance for the consumption of drugs and/or alcohol at our facility.

Proper Footwear
It is a participant’s responsibility to wear suitable footwear for gameplay. No open-toed sandals or flip-flops.

Please report any injuries, damage to equipment, or arena to ALT staff immediately. A general first aid kit is kept on hand for minor scrapes and cuts only.

Action Laser Tag does not provide safe-keeping of valuables. Do not bring any items of value to events or onto the play arena.

Do not look directly into muzzle flash. Although the “flash” will not injure you, they are very bright LED lights.

Remember, laser tag is a game of stealth, strategy, and fun.