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Welcome to Action Laser Tag

Until January 31, per current gathering limits, our facility is open for private play (groups of 4-10 players) via advanced booking only.

Reservations can be made online at the Book Now link above or by contacting us. 

Action Laser Tag is a uniquely challenging sport that is simple enough for anyone to play, yet versatile enough to keep seasoned players on their toes.

Come exercise your brain and your body!

Players belong to teams that compete against each other to complete missions. The missions range in difficulty and complexity, from simple missions (such as Team Elimination, where the only objective is to defeat all players on the opposing team) to more complex missions such as Domination, VIP, and many more.

Action Laser Tag is a safe and healthy activity that’s fun for kids of all ages. To find out more about what we have to offer, please browse our website or contact us.

Our private play times are perfect for …



Choose Action Laser Tag for an active exhilarating event.

  • Multiple games, large party tent, …
  • Ages 8+


Book an event for your staff, clients and stakeholders.

  • Great for ice breakers, holiday parties, …
  • Parties small and large


Team building through the power of play!

  • Enhance social relations
  • Complete collaborative tasks & goals


Organize an interactive event for your students, team or group.

  • Engage your mind while exercising
  • Bring science to life


Small Groups and Families:

  • COVID friendly activity
  • Reservation required