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Rules and Safety


All Participants Must Follow the Code of Conduct
(The Code is for your safety and enjoyment)

Rule 1: Laser Tag is a Non-Contact Sporting Game.
This means no physical contact between you and other ALT players! Bad sportsmanship like behaviour (disrespect for people or property, bad language, name calling, cheating etc.) will not be tolerated.

Rule 2: No Covering the Receiver Sensor Domes
Do not use anything to cover up the Receiver Domes to prevent you from receiving IR signals. If you want to avoid being tagged, you must use your skills, or take cover behind something.

Rule 3: Tagged Out
When you are “Tagged Out” hold your hand/hands and tagger up and return to the briefing area. No talking to your team mates to provide intel on your competition.

Rule 4: Disqualification
In the event that you are caught cheating by an ALT Field Marshal, you may be disqualified from the ongoing game.  Do not end or restart a game without instruction from one of the Action Laser Tag Crew.  There shall be no modifications or tampering with the ALT equipment.

Rule 5: The Action Laser Tag Crew is in Charge.
No Arguments, the Crew’s rulings and instructions are final. If you argue, you don’t play. On hearing 3 whistle blows all ALT participants should immediately stop playing and stop shooting.  Listen for instructions. Resume the game when you hear 1 whistle blow or follow instructions from the ALT Crew.

Rule 6: Action Laser Tag is a Team event
Action Laser tag events can be individually competitive; however, in many of the games you must consider the success of the team first.  Scoring is always considered Team 1st, Player 2nd.

Rule 7: No Climbing Obstacles or Structures
The obstacles in the arena aren’t meant to be climbed on. If you do climb on them, you will fall. If you are found climbing on the obstacles and they break, this will be considered a malicious act.

Rule 8: HOLD Your Tagger WITH TWO HANDS
Try to keep both hands on the Laser Tagger at all times.  One hand always for control at all times to prevent damage to others and to the $1,000 ALT equipment you are borrowing.  If you maliciously break it, you buy it.

Rule 9: Only use ALT Equipment
Only ALT equipment is permitted at the event, Para-military clothing is ok; however, knives, hard plastic replicas of weapons, etc. are not allowed.

Rule 10: HAVE FUN
The last rule of Action Laser Tag is about fun, if you’re not having fun, please go to an ALT Crew team member and they will give you some helpful tips and tricks to improve your game.

If there is any doubt or concern on these General Rules of Play, you should contact an ALT Crew member for clarification.

Arena Safety

Play within the Boundaries: All participants and equipment must remain within the designated boundaries of the event.

No Drugs or Alcohol: Just Say NO!!! Anyone thought to be under the influence will be asked to leave.

No Glass: Only drink containers that are approved by ALT are permitted in the briefing area.

No Beverages/Food allowed on the field during play.

Wear Proper Footwear & Clothing: Each participant is required to wear suitable clothing for game play. To avoid injuries to toes and ankles, no open toed sandals or flip-flops.

Injuries: Any injuries, damage to equipment or event grounds must be reported to ALT staff immediately. A general first aid kit is kept on hand for minor scrapes and cuts only.

Valuables: Action Laser Tag does not provide safe-keeping of valuables. Players are advised to not bring items of value to events or to make their own safekeeping arrangements prior to the event commencing.

Eyes: Do not look directly into the muzzle flash. Although the “flash” will not injure you, these are very bright LED lights.

These rules are for the protection of everyone playing in the game. Any questions or concerns should be brought to the attention of the ALT staff.

Remember, Action Laser Tag is a game of stealth and wits and is for the fun.