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Do we play in the dark?
Yes.  You play your first game with the lights on.  After that we turn the lights off.  It is not completely dark for safety reasons.  But if the players are uncomfortable playing with the lights off, we can make adjustments.
Are there real Lasers?
No! “Laser Tag” taggers actually use infrared light at low power, much like a TV remote, to send signals to a sensor.  “Laser tag” just sounds a lot cooler than “infrared tag”.
How much does extra ammunition cost?
All the ammunition you need is ‘digital’, unlimited and ready at the push of a button.
What games do we play?
Missions are the types of games available. Some classic ones like Team Elimination, Capture the Flag, Free for All, Domination and more.  We can make them as complex as you want.
Who can play?
The best thing about laser tag is that just about anyone can play. We encourage anyone with an interest to come. All a player needs is the ability to hold up and aim the tagger at their opponents. Everyone will have the opportunity to engage in competitions that require fitness, team work, strategy and skill to achieve objectives in a fun safe non-contact rivalry.

We can host parties from age 8 years and up.

*** From past experience, players aged 5 to 7, generally only want to run, play and make noises.  They do not fully understand the concepts of the games.  We have a tagger rental option for younger players to host a laser tag party at their home or location of choice. ***

How many people can play?
In the arena, a minimum of 2 and maximum of 20 people can be on the field at one time and is dependent on age group.
Are the games supervised?
All games are supervised and organized by our staff. The number of referees on the field with players is determined by the number of players participating in that game.
Does my group of kids play by themselves?
During open play times and laser lite parties, players will be mixed in with other players. We do our best to match the players by age and experience. If you book a private party, then your group will play by themselves.
Do you have a private party room available?
If you have booked a private party, that includes the use of one of our party rooms.

Each room has tables, chairs and fridge/freezer for your use. We provide disposable tableware (paper plates, cups, knives, forks, spoons, napkins); plus some essential party extras and we cleanup so you can walk away with no worries. A shared kitchen area is also available.

If you would like to steam hot dogs for your party, we have crock pots available.

How long does it last?
A laser tag session is approximately a 70 minute commitment.
Can I just walk in and play?
Yes, during open play times. It is always best to call ahead.
Is there food available?
At this time, we sell bottled drinks (water and sports drinks).  Players are welcome to bring their own drinks and snacks. Food & drinks are not permitted in the arena.