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Our League has been cancelled due to low numbers.
You can still enjoy a night out during our Adult Socials (Open Play) on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday.

Teams will compete against each other in a variety missions such as Team Elimination, Domination, VIP, and many more.
To check availability:


Action Laser Tag
217 Bluewater Rd, Bedford, NS


The referee will form random teams for every game.
All games will last a maximum of 10 minutes.
A “win” is dependent on the game played.
Games may include, but are not limited to:

  • Team Elimination: all members of the opposing team(s) must be eliminated.
  • Domination: first team to “0” wins
  • Double Domination: a team must win control of both domination points to win
  • Capture the Flag: a team must capture both flags before the opposing team.
  • VIP: a team must eliminate the opposing team’s VIP


During gameplay, all efforts should be made to avoid contact with your opponents and teammates.
Action Laser Tag will sanitize all team equipment before each match.